Selling Fishers/ Geist real estate is not for an amateur. Timing is critical when selling your home, not only when considering the time of year, but also once the home goes on the market. The longer a home sits in a listing without selling, the more potential buyers may think there is something wrong with it. A REALTOR® will help you maximize showings.

Knowing how to reach a fair market price for your home is also vital to selling your home. Price it too high and some people won’t even bother to look at it; price it too low, and you’re costing yourself equity. Any REALTOR® worth their salt will be able to arrive at a fair market price and come up with a comprehensive marketing program to sell your home effectively. Allen takes that to a whole other level!

In today’s market, a yard sign, lock box and BLC (Broker Listing Cooperative) listing is simply not enough. With more than 90% of homebuyers starting their search online, a tech-savvy REALTOR® can get your home more exposure today than ever before. The marketing tools of today enable sellers to cast a wider net and reel in more buyers than yesterday’s tools. Technology has changed everything — a good REALTOR® will be ahead of the curve.
Because of Allen’s impactful marketing program, his listings sold in 13 days and for 100% of list price in 2021!

Even after your home sells, you’ll need a professional to help with all of the things you may not have been prepared for: negotiations, inspection responses, title work, taxes, deadlines – all very important aspects of a sale. One error could cost you thousands of dollars, or worse, the overall sale. Having a REALTOR® on your side helps you avoid these pitfalls.

If you’re thinking that hiring a REALTOR® sounds like a smart idea, but you’re concerned about the commissions, call Allen. His commission structure is about as fair as they come. He will not tie you down to a long-term listing agreement. He believes that if he is doing his job, you will stay with him. If he fails, you have the option of telling him to hit the road. There are not many other real estate professionals that have the same philosophy.