Although the U.S. real estate market has flushed out many defaulted loans through foreclosures and short sale processes, there are still plenty opportunities available for the home buyer! If you have the time and flexibility, you may be in the perfect position to buy a home at a steep discount. The bottom line is that banks aren’t interested in sitting on inventories. Allen’s team keeps an eye on short sale and bank-owned homes to make the transition from offer to closing. Historically a lengthy process, the Allen Williams Team has tracked the stats and it’s trending as a shorter time frame.

Search for Short Sale Homes & Foreclosures in Fishers, IN

There are foreclosures and short sale homes available in Fishers, Indiana homes – from under $100,000 to well over $500,000. Take advantage of this opportunity and buy low. The Allen Williams Team knows which homes are available and can tell you which properties could be a short sale.